Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collaborative Teaching

List the personal factors you will be looking for in the professional teacher who will be joining you as a collaborative teacher. (post your reply as a comment to this blog.)


Richard said...

- have common goals for students and the collaborative relationship
- share resources
- share responsibility for developing/delivering instruction
- share accountability for the outcomes
- have a sense of parity – recognition of and respect for each partner’s contributions to the collaborative effort, even though their skills and expertise may be very different

colts66 said...

Some of the teaching qualities I would look for in collaborative teaching:
1) knowledge of content
2) patience
3) enthusiasm
4) honesty
5) compassion

rachel heath said...

The teacher qualities I would be looking for would include an honest disposition, enthusiasm for teaching, knowledge in the field, and a desire to learn themselves.

Rebekah Self said...

Hard worker
Goal oriented
Knowledgeable about subject area(s)

kctaylor said...

Easy Going
Hard Working
Knows how to set goals
Willing to hear constructive criticism
Willing to give constructive criticism
Enjoys what they are doing

TBG said...

*hard working
*knowledge of content
*easy to work with

ashpc said...

1.) Know the information
2.)Want the same outcomes for students
3.) Have good organizational skills
5.)Overall good personality and love for teaching

josep010 said...

-Knowledge of content

aka89 said...

-wanting to better the children by helping each and every one which means each child learning regardless of their disabilities
-being able to share resources
-being educated
-having a "go get it attitude"

Vannah25 said...

I believe the that these five qualities are very important in collaborative teaching-

1) excitement
2) passion
3) hard-working
4) honest
5) intelligent

graffeon said...

Some qualities I would look for in collaborative teaching would be:
1. have patience
2. be organized
3. be friendly
4. be honest

ejacks07 said...

Some of the qualities are:
1. Goal Oriented
2. Enthusiasm in her work
3. Friendly
4. Loves children
5. Honest

Anna said...

When I think about someone who will be a collaborative teacher with me, a few things come to mind.
This person should:
- have a desire to see each child succeed
- know their subject material
- be amiable with the children and with other adults
- fulfill work for which they are responsible
- have a positive outlook

amber123 said...


Stephanie Pearson said...

The five things I would look for in a collaborative teacher includes:
1) Patience
2) Sharing resources
3) Share the same goals for the students as I do
4) Enthusiasm
5) Very well organized

Keaton Berrien said...

knowledge of content
and hard work are all teaching qualities I would look for in collaborative teaching

fatrice21 said...

These are the most important qualities that I would look for in a collaborative teacher:
1. Patience
2. Honesty
3. Hard Working
4. Enthusiasm
5. Organization

crcrump said...

1. Passion for students
2. Willingness to change
3. Easy to get along with
4. Patience
5. Motivated

marquisc said...

Some of the teaching qualities to look for in collaborative teaching:

-Knowledge of material

Amanda Perzo said...

-Cooperative attitude, demonstrating the same goals.
-a willingness and enthusiasm to assist students.
-demonstrate patience and flexibility.
-organized set of goals

natwoods said...

The following are the personal factors that I will be looking for in the collaborative teacher joining me in the classroom:
* genuine concern for students
* willingness to work
* kindness
* compassion
* professionalism
* organization

Mrs. Ledlow said...

jnledlow said:

: honesty
: compassionate
: willingness to learn new things
: knowledge of content
: excitement to the subject matter
: organized

Samantha said...

*hard worker

Katy said...

The qualities that I look for in collaborative teaching are:
1)Share the same goals for the students.
2)Share responsibility for the students and the teaching.
3)Knowledge of the field of study
4)Desire to learn more about the field of study.